Sunday, May 10, 2020

Bounty and Augury, Books 2 and 3 of the Crazed Series now available!

"Liselle", Book 1 of the Crazed Series was written back in 2013. It's been far too long since she was left in a difficult position. I'm pretty sure if she were to meet me in real life I'd be in a heap of trouble. I _have_ noticed flowers glaring at me lately.

Pelya, Tathan and others show up in this series as well!

"Bounty", book 2 was released last year. And now "Augury", book 3 is available. Links for both books are below along with links for Liselle too.

The first draft of book 4 is written and undergoing a thorough editing process. I don't have a name for it yet, but hope to soon!

The Crazed Series is the continuation of the Willden and Wyvern Trilogies. Beings of great power manipulate the world, sometimes to the benefit of mere mortals, but more often to their detriment. Join the odd and often unwilling heroes of Ryallon as they face threats to humanity.

I hope you enjoy these books!

All my best,

John H. Carroll

I hope you enjoy these and others available at your favorite online bookstores.

All my best,

John H. Carroll

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