Monday, September 30, 2013

New releases by John H. Carroll


I wanted to let you know about some new releases I have.  The first is "Liselle" the highly anticipated first book of the "Crazed Trilogy".  It continues the story of Liselle and Vevin in their adventures as they learn more about who, or what, Liselle truly is.  And of course, they'll hopefully find a little treasure along the way.

"Zachary Zombie and the Wicked Worm" is a new release that I've made free in all stores.

I've added two other children's stories, "Phairyphant" and "Naughty Nanoworms"

"The Storage Room in the Grey Void" is a new story about a video game extra who's existence didn't turn out the way she would have liked.




Liselle has spent the last few years living the life of adventure she always wanted. Yet she struggles with the suffering she has seen along the way. As her powers grow, the question of who she really is, or what she really is becomes a greater mystery. Join Liselle, Vevin and their new friends as they try to discover the meaning of life, and perhaps find a little treasure along the way.

Steampunk Roo

It is a little known fact that Steampunk animals roam the wild Outback of Australia. They live a rugged, but good life. Steampunk City is the center of their civilization, run by Governor Kevin Koala.

Outside of Steampunk City are vast stretches of arid lands. The Steampunk Animal Alliance has built a series of water stops with tanks of water supplied by windmills that pump water from deep in the ground. From them, Steampunk animals can refill their water tanks to keep their gears running.

Horrible news has come that someone is destroying those water stops. It’s up to Steampunk Roo, an agent of the Steampunk Animal Alliance to investigate and hopefully bring a stop to the terrible destruction!

Zachary Zombie and the Wicked Worm


Zachary Zombie has been sent by Gert the Wicked Witch to find the magical Dagger of Gik from the ruins of an old wizard’s mansion. He is accompanied by Al, Gus, and Carl, three fellow zombies. Will they discover the lost Dagger of Gik? What dangers await the rotting zombies? Who will lose the most body parts? And who, what, or where in the world is Gik?


Mystical phairyphants have existed since the days of wooly mammoths and mastodons. Phairydust allows them to fly on powerful, gossamer wings while they use their trunks to sniff the air for opportunities to make the world a better place for elephants. This is the story of Elly, one such phairyphant.

Naughty Nanoworms

Life on the streets is generally peaceful for Albert, but the streets are not without their hazards. While avoiding one type of trouble, Albert walks his way into even worse trouble. Will he keep his shopping cart? Will Meezer the cat come up with a plan to destroy the world? Can a shopping cart and a skateboard ever get along? The seventh entry in the Stories for Demented Children Series.

The Storage Room in the Grey Void

Video games bring entertainment and excitement to the lives of those who play them. But what of those characters created for those games? Perhaps they are a bit more real than we might think. Perhaps they have feelings and desires, much as we who play the games do. And what of the characters who don’t get included in the game? This is the story of one such character.