Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Pinghavn, Book 4 of the Crazed Series available for Pre-Order

“Pinghavn”, Book 4 of the Crazed Trilogy is available for Pre-Order on all stores not named Amazon! The official release date is September 15, at which point it will also be published on Amazon.

Ahh, the glories of rescuing a damsel in distress! At least that’s how the bards spin a story. The reality is that there is a lot of journey involved before the damsel is even found. It can be quite stressful really.

A group of powerful and opinionated individuals are on such a stressful journey. That would be fine if they could all just get along and agree. However, that isn’t likely to happen. Distrust and suspicion while stuck in close quarters aboard a ship cast doubt upon the success of their mission.

Liselle is tired of being trapped on board a ship of her own. With her powers suppressed, she is only human now and that is far more disappointing than she had ever imagined. With each day it seems her captors are more determined to give up on her and possibly end her life.

Meanwhile, the threat of Tyeromaythan, Devourer of Gods and his Black Scale Guild loom over them all.

Join our adventurers in their angst as they sail the oceans, sit on laps and band together to make a mess of things.

The Crazed Series is the continuation of the Wyvern and Willden Trilogies. Beings of great power manipulate the world, sometimes to the benefit of mere mortals, but more often to their detriment. Join the odd and often unwilling heroes of Ryallon as they face threats to humanity.