Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Emo Bunny that Should - Illustrated Edition

Why an illustrated edition?

Why?  Because illustrations are awesome! 

Plus, it's a children's book, albeit for demented children.  All children's books should be illustrated.  All children should be illustrated.  That's why they draw on themselves all the time, right?

Why illustrate "The Emo Bunny that Should"?

Why?  Because emo bunnies are awesome! 

This is also my most popular story and the first of the Demented Children series.  It lends itself well to illustrations and the ones that have been included are absolutely beautiful.  They capture the emotions of Emo and all the other woodland creatures perfectly.

Evil duck wagon and beaten deer

Why choose Arlene Rose to illustrate and who the heck is Arlene Rose anyway?

Hey!  One question at a time.  Sheesh! 

Arlene Rose is a childhood friend of my wife's.  She's a wonderful person and has crazy talent that appears to have been hidden away from the rest of us.  Here is a little more info about her:

Arlene Rose is a freelance artist out of Houston. She is a stay at home mom to three and a fairly decent housewife to one. To her everything is art and art is everything. Nothing you can see, hear, taste or touch exist without some form of artistic expression and she loves to work and play in every medium life and the world has to offer  because she believes art isn't a learned thing, it is practical and yet wildly eccentric, it's a way of being...it's a matter of being born.

Pretty flowers

What is "The Emo Bunny that Should" about?

If I had known that there was going to be a quiz today, I would have stayed in bed.  Egads!

The story is about an emo bunny that . . . should.  Umm . . . Emo is a sad bunny that lives in a coffin and enjoys . . . ummm . . . prefers rainy days.  (He doesn't really enjoy anything)  Anyway, one day he gets involved, which, if you've ever gotten involved in anything, you know is a terrible idea.  So there's this Easter Bunny guy, and a factory and lots of little oppressed woodland creature and a cute girl bunny named Haylo.

That's what the story is about.

Easter Bunny, rabbits, squirrels, fox, robins, racoons, mice, chipmunks

What in the world is wrong with you, Mr. Carroll?

Hey!  Be nice.

Will there be other illustrated Stories for Demented Children?

Duh!  Of course.  

Arlene Rose is currently working on "Zachary Zombie and the Lost Boy".  I believe she is a natural artist who has a desire . . . no, a need to find an outlet for that art. :)  (don't tell her I said that! (Ignore the fact that she'll read this blog))  It is my hope that we are able to create many more children's books together and possibly even find prosperity by doing so.  (Prosperity is a sneaky little ninja that likes to hide)

Seriously, what's wrong with you, Mr. Carroll?

That's it!  I'm done.  Goodbye!

Angry duck