Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I want to be Free - A Poem

Standard disclaimer

I have been writing (mostly bad) poetry since I was 21.  This is very odd considering I absolutely hate poetry.  Poetry drives me up a wall.  As a form of writing, it tends to be overly impressed with itself.  If someone wishes to say something, it's best just to come out and say it instead of tying it up in uselessly colorful words that confuse the entire situation.

So . . . now that I've gone on a rant about how much I dislike poetry . . . Let's get back to the fact that I write it. *sigh*  The fact of the matter is, poetry is a very useful tool for writers.  It's a way to get concepts, images and ideas onto paper and experiment with words.  It's also awesome for saying lovey-dovey-gushy stuff.

Please understand that this was written before I was writing consistently.  The technical merits of the writing are . . . non-existent.  It could be written much better, but I'm not going to edit it.  I figure this will keep me from becoming too impressed with myself if I hit it big. ;)


I'm really not sure what I was thinking here . . .

Also, I'm going to add a couple of pictures, because pictures go very well with poems, no? Here's one now . . .

Moonlit beach, just like in the poem

The poem

I want to be free

I want to be free
I want to go everywhere
I want to see everything
I want to experience existence

Life is full of wonder and beauty
So much to see and hear
So much to touch and feel
I want to know it all

Walking along the beach at nighttime
The moon is shining on the water
The waves are crashing on the rocks
I'm swimming in power

Moving through the forest in the day
The wind is whispering through the trees
The birds are singing to each other
I'm floating in peace

Riding in the timeless desert
The sun is beating on the sand
The lizard and snake are resting on a rock
I'm writhing in ecstasy

Standing on the highest mountain
The snow is blanketing the rocks
The clouds are resting below me
I'm immobile in fascination

Flying throughout the eternal universe
The music is keeping a melody flowing
The stars are spinning in harmony
I'm rushing in a rhapsody

I want to be free
I want someone to share this with
I want everyone to be free
I want all life to experience existence.

Copyright 9 August 1991 John H. Carroll

Standing on mountains looking down at clouds.  Also in the poem.

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