Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poem - For Better or Worse


 I write poetry for my wife every once in awhile.  This is one I wrote last year when we were going through some tough times.
I don't try to write masterpieces with my poetry, just convey whatever I'm feeling at the moment.
For better or worse

I married you for better or worse.
I want you to know that you are the part of my life that is the “better”.
The universe is the part that is the worse.
I’ll kick the universe’s ass later.

I love being married to you. 
I love holding you.
I love coming home to you.
I love you.

Life is really hard right now for us.
There have been many trials by fire. . .
. . . ice, wind, earth, spirit,
Goblins, trolls. . .you name it, if it’s been a trial, it’s been there for us.

We have both struggled with these trials.
I am supposed to be your rock.
I feel more like a pebble lately.
The kind of pebble that gets its ass kicked by other pebbles.

Thirteen years is a long time in this day and age.
The truth is, I’d like to be with you for thirteen decades.
Not a decade more.  We don’t want to push it. 
Okay maybe a few more decades. . .

You are my love. 
It is simple enough to say.
But you know how much it means. 
I think perhaps I should call you that a bit more.

We will get through the worse.
You and I are capable of making it through anything.
That’s not an invitation for the universe to dump on us btw.
We will make it through these trials.

You are the better in my life.
You are the reason I keep going.
You are my love.
Together, we can make it through the worse.

 Copyright 2009 John H. Carroll


Dannye Williamsen said...

It's so cool when a man gets sappy or should I say romantic? ;-p

John H. Carroll said...

*grin* I'm going to go with romantic. After all, I'm not a tree. :P