Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ryallon Timeline

I've been working on Dates and timelines for the books in the Ryallon Series.

Explanation of the calendar

There are many calendars to measure the years in the world of Ryallon.  The most common in the continent of Nulanea, where the books are set, is the Altordanian Calendar.  It is the one that nearly everyone on the continent knows about, though many prefer the calendars of their countries.  The Eastern Countries especially prefer a different calendar.  However, for the purposes of comprehension, we'll just stick with this one.

The Altordanian Calendar is split into five ages covering millennia, a primary reason why it's known so well. Every year begins the first day of spring, which is the 1st day of the 4th month

First Age - Unknown
Second Age - lasted 1462 years
Third Age - lasted 846 years
Fourth Age - lasted 2131 years
Fifth Age - Began 1369 years before the events in the Dralin Trilogy.

Pnonian Empire (mentioned in "Liselle" and "Wyvern") -  Fourth Age 644 - Fifth age 152. 

Morhain - Third Age 821 - Fourth Age 1881.  Ended in the Great Disappearing.

Timeline of books

All in the Altordanian Calendar, Fifth Age (Books that say (tentative) are ones that don't have timelines set in stone.  They may be slightly altered.)

Dralin Trilogy:

DRALIN  Winter 1369- Summer 1381
EBUDAE  Summer 1385
PELYA  Fall of 1389

Willden Trilogy:

ROJUUN  (Spring 1390)
ANILYIA  (Summer 1390)
KETHRIL  (Fall 1390) 

Wyvern Trilogy:

WYVERN Fall 1389 - Winter 1390
LIQUID Summer 1392 - Winter 1392
CLOUDSWEPT (tentative) Spring1393 - Winter 1393

Crazed Trilogy:

LISELLE Summer 1393 - Fall 1393
BOUNTY (tentative) Winter 1392 - Winter 1393
BOOK 3 (tentative) Winter 1393

And that's all I have for now.  I hope this helps you sort out the stories as much as it's helped me.

All my best,

John H. Carroll