Thursday, November 29, 2012

Publishing checklist for my book files

This is a checklist for altering my file to publish at each distributor.  This is the way I do it, though it will be different for everyone.  I'm doing this partially because it may be helpful to others, but mostly because it'll be helpful to me for future books.  Sometimes it's difficult to remember all of this.

First of all, my books are already formatted as I write.  I write them one chapter at a time and then put each chapter in a master file.  I add the table of contents and hyperlinks to all my chapters.  I also have everything formatted for submission to Smashwords, so there will be a lot of steps that you may need to do that I've already done.

This is the process for altering an individual file to all the sites I publish to.  Perhaps I'll go through the details of settings for each site one of these times.

This whole process took me about 6 hours tonight, taking into account making dinner for the kids and running one to play rehearsal.

1.  Smashwords.

1a.  Ensure it says "Published by John H. Carroll at Smashwords". (This will be different for other people, in case you were wondering.)
1b.  Change spacing to single spacing.
1c.  Add author bio.
1d.  Link author notes to table of contents.
1e.  Check all links.
1f.   Remove hidden bookmarks.
1g.  Publish to Smashwords.

(Note - I distribute to B&N and other stores through Smashwords, so I won't be adding the process for those stores.)

Copy the original word document to Kobo folder.

2.  Kobo.

2a.  Remove "Published by John H. Carroll at Smashwords".
2b.  Add page breaks before each chapter.
2c.  Remove hidden bookmarks.
2d.  Save file.
2e.  Save as 'web page, filtered'.  (html)
2f.  Use Calibre to convert html to epub.
2ff.  (wait for Calibre to update *sigh*)
2g.  Open file to ensure quality.
2h.  Publish to Kobo.

(Note - If you do wish to publish to B&N directly, this process will work for that too.  You can even use the exact same file if you like.)

Copy Kobo version of word document file to Amazon folder.
Copy Kobo version of word document file to Createspace folder. (If applicable)

3.  Amazon

3a.  Replace author bio with Amazon author bio.
3b.  Save as 'web page, filtered'.  (html)
3c.  Use Mobipocket to convert file.
4d.  Open file to ensure quality.
4e.  Publish to Amazon

4.  Createspace

This is a whole lot more complicated.  *sigh*

4a.  ctrl-a (select everything).
4b.  change paragraph formatting to 'justify'.
4c.  Open the 'page layout' - 'page setup' box
4d.  Margins (for a 100k word novel)  top: .75, bottom: .75, inside: .75, outside: .50.  Gutter: .25 (left)
4e.  Set 'multiple pages' to 'mirror margins'.
4f.  On the paper tab, set size to 6 x 9.  *This will be different if you're publishing your book under a different size.
4g.  On the layout tab, select 'different first page' (so you don't number the first page) and set header and footer to .35.
4h.  Insert page numbers.  First page different so the title page isn't numbered.  While in footer, go to page layout and remove first line indent.  This will not effect the main text.
4i.  Center title page.
4j.  Change font style and size of title to whatever the theme is.  (In the case of my Ryallon books, this would be Fairydustb, size 36 for the title)
4k.  Delete ALL bookmarks.
4l.  Center each chapter, remove hyperlinks, change font style and size 26.  Make this Heading style 2 for this document.  That way you can have word Create the Table of Contents for you.
4m.  Make the first letter of each chapter theme font style and size 16.  Possibly add a space between the quotation mark and the letter if needed for the style.  Make certain quotation marks are the same size as the letter.
4n.  Embed the font.  file/options/save/embed font/only characters in document/do not embed common fonts.
4o.  Make certain there are no blank pages.
4p.  Go through and search for section breaks  ***  with ctrl-f.  Center them all.  ctrl-e.
4q.  Make certain the end ### is centered.
4r.  Make certain the prologue, epilogue and author notes are all centered and font style themes are applied.

This may or may not help you, but perhaps it will give some a little insight as to the work that goes into submitting files to the different sites for publishing.

All my best,

John H. Carroll

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