Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Emo bunnies attack!

Me and the emo bunnies have already conquered the world.  We kept it a secret and no one knew anything about it.  After a week or so, running the world depressed us, so we gave it back with no hard feelings.

Now we're just kicking back in our sad little world where we write about the adventures of people who are at least slightly crazy.  Thank you for joining us in our little journey.  Be sure to give the emo bunnies lots of carrots and hugs and may your days not totally suck.


John H. Carroll


Anonymous said...

Does an emo bunny live with you?

John H. Carroll said...

Yes, I have a bunny named Emo. :) Her picture is on the cover of "The Emo Bunny that Should" Her agent made me pay bank for the rights though. ;)

Kiersten101 said...

Hey i liked your book :)

John H. Carroll said...

Hi Kiersten101. :) I'm guessing you liked "The Emo Bunny that Should"?

Thank you for letting me know. I love to hear it when people like my writing. It feels good. :)