Monday, October 14, 2013

Updated Maps of Ryallon


This isn't much of a post.  I've been working on the map of Ryallon recently and wanted to share the updates I've made.  My maps were originally drawn by hand, but I've gradually improved them using GIMP.

I've done previous posts on my maps, which you can find here:

It's interesting to see the changes that have happened along the way and how things have evolved. :)

What was changed

The first was to clean up all of the borders from the rough pencil markings to computer generated markings (high-tech way of saying I used the mouse as a pencil in GIMP)  This just makes everything look cleaner.  I also made slight adjustments to borders.  Blame it on the emo bunnies.

The next, and more important thing was that I added cities.  I didn't name the cities with a couple of exceptions, but I put the little dots on the map.  (That's the super hard part, you know)  Then I added the highways.  It gives a little idea of where people travel.  It also looks like super cool spider webs.

I didn't complete all of it.  The Iynath Empire is untouched as are a couple of other countries on that side of the map.  I don't have anything happening over there any time soon, so it can wait.

Also, the cities that are marked are larger cities.  The continent of Nulanea is bigger than Asia (Don't hold me to that. I'm a writer, we change our minds more than is healthy)  There will be countless smaller cities, towns, villages and thorpes (I'm not going to tell you what a thorpe is. :p)

The Maps

Continent of Nulanea, Ryallon

The Country of Eddland and surrounding countries, Setting for the Wyvern Trilogy.

 The country of Soaarth, Primary setting for the Crazed Trilogy.

I hope you've looking at made up maps for a made up world (so far as you know)  I've certainly enjoyed making it up (so far as you know)

All my best,

John H. Carroll

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