Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's been a while, Hasn't it? --- A Valentine's Day poem

Why I wrote this poem

My wife and I have been through a lot of hard times together and have always managed to make it through.  During this period, we were doing a little better.  My wife and I were able to buy some newer clothes and she could get her nails and hair done.  She liked looking good and was gaining confidence in her appearance to go along with growing confidence in herself.

It was important to acknowledge how wonderful she had always been and how much I appreciate her.  I debated whether or not to share this, but I like showing everyone these things.  My wife doesn't mind.  She's thrilled whenever I write a poem and she likes that I show others how we feel about each other.

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It's Been a While, Hasn't It?

Hello, my Love
It’s been a while hasn’t it?
It’s been a while since I’ve written you a poem
It’s been a while since I’ve told you exactly how much I love you

I know that I tell you I love you a few times a day
I even remember to tell you how beautiful you are sometimes
Sometimes I’ll kiss you a little longer
Sometimes I’ll look in your eyes a little deeper

But it’s been a while since I’ve written you a poem
The kind that lets you know how wonderful you truly are
The kind that lets you know how beautiful I find you
The kind that lets you know that I’m the luckiest man in the world

You make an amazing difference in my life
When I’m not with you, I don’t feel right
I feel as though there is an emptiness next to me
I even panic a little inside if you go too far away

I love looking at you every day
Lately you’ve taken more pride in yourself and your appearance
You used to be afraid to let people see you
Now you shine like a beacon to those around you

I don’t think you realize that you have become a pillar in your community
I don’t think you realize that others look to you for advice and stability
You have become a confident woman
I don’t think you realize that others feel inadequate around you

I am in awe of the self-assured woman you have become
I know you do not always feel this way
I understand sometimes the ghosts of the past worry you
I see the uncertainty of the future scares you at times

That is why you have me
I will always be your safety in the storm
I will be the rock that you can lean on
I will be your partner through this life

It’s been a while since I told you how much I love you
I do, you know
I love you so very much
My Love

I love waking up and hitting the snooze button and then cuddling
I love telling you to have a good day
I always think of calling you when I’m at work
I jump whenever the phone rings hoping it’s you

Is it silly to feel that way after all these years?
Isn’t that the way new lovers are supposed to react?
I can’t help it though
I always want to be with you

I love sitting next to you with our family around us
We really are a good family you know
I find myself filled with joy when I look at our children
I think it’s wonderful they are loved and live good lives

It feels as though it should be easy to take us for granted
Everything seems so natural when we are together
Our marriage and our family feel so right
Yet every day I find myself in awe that we are living so well

I know we have trials ahead of us
I know we are going to make some changes in our lives
But I look forward to making them with you
I feel that together, we can do anything

So, it’s been a while
I’m telling you now
I love you, I always will
My love

Happy Valentines Day

Copyright 2007 John H. Carroll

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