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Book Review: The Akashic Throne, The Aielund Saga Book 6

The Aielund Saga

The Aielund Saga is a series of books written by author and artist Stephen Nowland.  I first learned of him through a computer game called Neverwinter Nights.  It has a toolset that allows us to tell our stories through game modules using their game engine.  The Aielund Saga is a high-rated, award winning series of modules made by Stephen.  He's turned them into books that are even better.

You can find the module that includes the story for both of these books here: NWN Module

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One of my favorite things about these books is that the author paints his covers.  Beautiful artistry. :)

Book 6, The Akashic Throne

Throughout history, kingdoms have fallen and entire cities have been destroyed under mysterious circumstances, all traces of their existence burned away. Good men are turned into villains, starting wars for seemingly unthinkable reasons. What if you learned these events were not random, and were in fact perpetrated by very real, very tangible tyrants living just beyond the sight of mortals? What if you had a singular opportunity to strike back at these monsters, even if it might cost you your life. Would you take it?

This is the question posed to Aiden Wainwright, former lord of Aielund. Through his actions and those of his companions, he has brought about an uneasy peace in the region, but at a price none of them anticipated. Yet beyond the petty power plays of kings and men lie the puppet masters, watching and manipulating events from behind the scenes, pitting kingdoms against one another for malevolent reasons known only to them. Aiden, wearied from conflict and seeking a more peaceful life, must chose whether to walk away from the only chance at bringing justice to these monsters, or to take up arms for one final battle against an enemy beyond anything he has ever before experienced.

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This is the final book in the Aielund Saga, one of my favorite fantasy series of all time.  I don't get a lot of time to read much anymore because I spend most of my free time writing, but I still love reading books.  Actually, it's working to support my needy family and sleeping that really interfere.

Epic.  That is the best word to describe the book and the series.  Our heroic adventurers have already saved the world, but in the way of worlds, it refuses to stay saved.  Worlds are very inconsiderate that way.

Aiden, the main character in all the books has become a bit scaly and draconic in appearance in nature.  He's no longer a pawn of kings.  He's now graduated to become a pawn of a wizard.  This is important because he wants to get married at some point and needs practice to be a pawn to his wife. ;)  He's matured a great deal throughout his journeys though and is not quite so foolish as he has been in the past.  There is a constant internal struggle within him that parallels the external struggle the group faces.

Throughout the saga, women have played an equal importance in the story.  This has matured into women who just as confident and empowered as the men, and in some instances, they have their stuff together more than the men do.  Criosa is more than just your typical pretty princess.  She is clever and takes her position as a leader seriously.  Nellise has exuded confidence and leadership throughout the saga, and if not for Aiden, I think she would have been the leader of the band of misfits.  Syana is my favorite in this story.  The strides she makes in understanding herself and those around her is one of the most extraordinary journeys I've read.

Terinus the wizard is an excellent addition to the story.  He is complex and fascinating.  It's difficult to tell what his true nature is going to be though.  Terinus becomes the driving force of this book.

As always, the battles are intense.  It's always a question as to who, if anyone will survive each encounter.  The group gets cool new toys to play with, one of the fun aspects of fantasy.  There are new people for the characters to interact with along the way and new dynamics for the characters' personalities.

Mr. Nowland does an excellent job of wrapping up most the details in this book.  There are a couple of characters that just disappeared, but I have reason to believe they may show up in future series.  We shall see!  The ending is very intense.  Non-stop action for the last few chapters.  I won't tell you what happens, but I will let you know that it's not entirely fair.  In my current mood, that fits perfectly because life hasn't been too fair to me lately.  With my attitude right now, if I had had control of the ending I probably would have taken out the world.  Mr. Nowland's ending is good and right. :)

As with all of Mr. Nowland's books, the dialogue has humor scattered throughout, the battle scenes are vivid and intense.  If you enjoy rousing, epic adventures, this is an excellent series for you.

About the Author

I am often astonished by the sheer amount of ideas that go through my head. I have tasked myself to grab hold of as many as I can, weave them into stories, shaping them to my will, and like, writing them down, because people can't read thoughts.

I spent over fifteen years dealing with poor health, including chronic fatigue syndrome (a symptom of other stuff, but annoying nonetheless) which gave me ample time for thinking, but slowed me down in the way of actually writing.

My first novel was actually done back in aught three, but I didn't care for that sort of thing at the time, so I scrapped it and started writing a new story for Neverwinter Nights, that RPG video game thing you may or may not have heard of.

The story was so successful (filled with rich, creamy character development) that I lamented that only people playing the game would ever see it. In 2009, with my health improving, I resolved to novelize the stories I'd written, in addition to developing the world in which they exist, for fun and profit.

Thus was my first novel conceived, and lo, it was published online, for the enjoyment of all! The saga will be five books in total, with another 4-5 books after that as a second saga that's in the pipeline.

Oh, I also paint. Expect to see more cover art with each title, probably becoming more technically sophisticated each time.


I have decided to review books that I enjoy. I am an avid reader of fantasy, so most of them will be in that genre. I'm not taking any requests, just reading what catches my eyes. You'll find that most of these are from Indie Authors. The way I figure it, David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey, Alan Dean Foster and Piers Anthony (my favorite authors) already have enough reviews, but Indies could always use a few more.

It is important to note here that while I am a writer, I am doing these reviews as a reader. I also know a number of the authors I will be reviewing. This is not an exchange of reviews, nor have I been solicited by those authors to write the review.  If I don't like a book, I won't review it.

All my best,

John H. Carroll

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