Friday, January 25, 2013

Dralin, Kobo and is promoting Dralin as the special of the day.
This is a site I recently discovered that finds and promotes books, including many free books, in the Kobo Bookstore.  Trindiebooks got their name by combining the words traditional + indie = Trindie

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Kobo is probably the most exciting ebook company out there.  They are expanding internationally at a phenomenal rate.  I see them gradually taking market share from Amazon over the coming years.


The book Trindiebooks is promoting today is Dralin,  Book 1in the Dralin Trilogy and the first book in my Ryallon series.  (The Willden Trilogy was written first, but it occurs in time after the Dralin Trilogy) 

Back in 2001, I began a story in the world of Ryallon that started with a man named Calren.  As he was beginning his adventure, he met a woman named Pelya who had black hair, blue eyes and a sword at her hip.  Pelya was so fascinating to me that I began to explore her story.  Next thing I knew, I was writing a book called "The Liquid Wyvern".

Here's the thing about writing:  It's a lot of hard work and it takes practice to do it well.  After 40,000 words, I realized that I was making countless mistakes and needed to reevaluate.  It was another 8 years before I finally began writing again, but I had lost that original book, so I started with the Willden Trilogy instead.

Then I found the Liquid Wyvern on an old disc.  Having written three books by then, I realized how bad that original writing was.  However, the story of Pelya still fascinated me.  So I took the first chapter and turned it into the Dralin Trilogy . . . that's right.  There was an entire trilogy in that first chapter.  The original chapters 2 and 3 are going to make up the Wyvern Trilogy, which I'm writing now.  What's really bad is I had an outline for 30 chapters, each of which could be a book. *sigh*  The story deviates from them though, so it won't happen.

Anyway, Dralin begins by introducing the city of Dralin, a character in an of itself . . . a very sinister and dangerous character.  It begins with a young runaway woman meeting a handsome and kind Guardsman with a heavy soul.


There are many cities in the world of Ryallon that know the touch of despair and evil, but none like Dralin. Towers of wizards rise high into the air, shrouded in the mists of magical smog. Poor sleep in the alleyways, becoming deformed by pollution. Life is short for many.

Throughout all of it, the cunning and dangerous members of the City Guard do their best to keep evil and crime from destroying the citizens of Dralin. Trained to fight in streets that make no sense, they keep wickedness from taking over completely.

A young woman fleeing her past makes Dralin her destination. A young Guardsman with his own dark history hopes to make a difference in a city that is without hope. Are sorrow and despair their only destiny, or can love redeem them? Two young girls raised in this city learn life's hard lessons early. Will they be defeated by its evil?

Underneath the city lie hidden dangers even more terrible than those that lurk in its dark streets. Ancient ruins of civilizations past still hold onto the memories of how grand they once were, while menacing creatures hope for a tasty meal to venture into their domain.

The Dralin Trilogy is a dark, swords-and-sorcery fantasy series following the lives of a few unusual individuals as they desperately try to survive in the sinister city of Dralin.

Dralin is free in all stores, but I highly recommend Kobo :)

All my best,

John H. Carroll

P.S.  Oh, and that original story about a guy named Calren? . . . He's still there, waiting impatiently for me to get to his story. ;)

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