Monday, November 14, 2011

My Mountain Lake - A Poem


I have been writing (mostly bad) poetry since I was 21.  This is very odd considering I absolutely hate poetry.  Poetry drives me up a wall.  As a form of writing, it tends to be overly impressed with itself.  If someone wishes to say something, it's best just to come out and say it instead of tying it up in uselessly colorful words that confuse the entire situation.

So . . . now that I've gone on a rant about how much I dislike poetry . . . Let's get back to the fact that I write it. *sigh*  The fact of the matter is, poetry is a very useful tool for writers.  It's a way to get concepts, images and ideas onto paper and experiment with words.  It's also awesome for saying lovey-dovey-gushy stuff.

This specific poem is about Muncho Lake in the Colorado Rockies of Northern British Columbia. Muncho Lake  It was a sight I viewed while driving to Alaska back in 1994.  The scene is as I remember it in the morning after sleeping in my little Toyota pickup truck overnight.

From Wikipedia:
The jade green color of the lake is attributed to the presence of copper oxide leached from the bedrock underneath. Its name is derived from the Kaska language in which "muncho" translates as "big water".

Please understand that this was written before I was writing consistently.  The technical merits of the writing are . . . non-existant.  It could be written much better, but I'm not going to edit it.  I figure this will keep me from becoming too impressed with myself if I hit it big. ;)

My Mountain Lake

Snowcapped peaks
Rugged rock
Breaking the sky
Towering over land

Clouds above
Bringing moisture of life
Waiting for time
To release their gift

Beams of light
Parading down
Godly in manner
Brilliantly shining

A lake of jade
Calm little rippled
Silently lapping
Upon shores of grass

Trees climbing mountains
Douglas and spruce
Orange and red
Yellow and green

Swans passing over
On their way south
Spreading their wings
spreading their beauty

Over this I look
Gazing at this sight
Holding my breath
In wonder and awe

I am filled with amazement
At a sight of such beauty
I now leave my body
And play in this space

Over this lake I fly
Under the water I gaze
Hopping from peak to peak
I revel in life

Freedom is here
Untainted and true
Pleasure and beauty
Of the artist unknown

I look back toward my body
Basking in joy
I am at peace
With all that I am

Thank you my mountain lake
For sharing your beauty
FOr sharing your tapestry
For simply being there

I will always remember
The joy you have given
I will someday return
To see you again

Copyright 1994 John H. Carroll

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