Sunday, August 7, 2011

List of Descriptive Words


Sometimes it's hard trying to figure out how to describe someone's eyes, the odor of a room, or the feel of an object.  There are just so many words to use.  So I've been searching online for various lists.  Three of the sites I found had quite a lot of useful words.  After combining them and spending countless hours sorting them alphabetically and removing duplicates, I came up with an extremely useful lists.

I've left pictures out of this blog post so that it copies easily for anyone who wants to use it. :)

These are the three sites I found the words from.

From msgarrettonline:
From diabeticonline through Scribd:
From World Food and Wine:

The list

Sight - Appearance    
adorable, alert, alluring, beautiful, blinding, blonde, blushing, bright, brilliant, brilliant, broad, chubby, clean, clear, cloudy, colorful, contoured, crinkled, crooked, crowded, crystalline, curved, cute, dark, deep, dim, distinct, drab, dull, elegant, fancy, filthy, flat, fluffy, flushed, foggy, fuzzy, glamorous, glassy, gleaming, glistening, glowing, graceful, grizzly, grotesque, hazy, high, hollow, homely, iridescent, light, lithe, low, milky, misty, motionless, muddy, murky, nappy, narrow, obtuse, opaque, pale, pearly, poised, quaint, rotund, ruddy, shadowy, shady, shallow, sheer, shimmering, shiny, skinny, smoggy, smoky, snowy, sooty, sparkling, spotless, steep, stormy, straight, strange, translucent, transparent, twinkling, ugly, unsightly, unusual, weird, wide, wizened
amber, amethyst, aqua, aquamarine, avocado, azure, bistre, black, blue, brass, brindle, bronze, buff, burgundy, canary, carmine, carnelian, cerise, charcoal, chartreuse, chestnut, chocolate, chrome, citrine, claret, cobalt, copper, coral, cordovan, cream, crimson, crystalline, cyan, dun, ebony, emerald, flesh, fuchsia, garnet, gold, green, henna, indigo, ivory, jade, jet, khaki, lake, lavender, lemon, lilac, lime, magenta, mahogany, maize, maroon, mauve, mint, mustard, navy, obsidian, ocher, olive, onyx, orange, orchid, peach, pearl, pink, plum, poppy, primrose, puce, purple, red, rose, ruby, rust, sable, saffron, salmon, sapphire, scarlet, sepia, sienna, silver, slate, spruce, tan, topaz, turquoise, ultramarine, umber, vermilion, violet, walnut, white, wine, yellow
Smell - Taste    
abrasive, abundant, acerbic, acid, acidic, acrid, aftertaste, alcohol, ambrosia, ample, antiseptic, appealing, appetizing, apples, ardent, astringent, bacon, baking, balmy, barbed, biting, bitter, bland, blazing, blissful, blistering, bodied, boiling, bookish, brackish, briny, candied, caustic, celestial, charming, choking, choking, cigarettes, citrus, clean, coffee, cutting, decadent, delectable, delicious, delightful, dirty, disgusting, divine, doggy, dripping, dry, dulcet, dull, earthy, engaging, enjoyable, enticing, excoriating, fantastic, fascinating, fervent, fetid, fiery, fishy, flat, flavored, flavorful, flavorless, flavorsome, flowery, foul, fragrant, fresh, fruity, full, gamy, gardenias, gentle, godly, gorgeous, great, gross, harsh, heady, heavenly, heavy, honeyed, hot, insipid, intense, interesting, inviting, jasmine, juicy, lavish, lemon, likable, lilac, lilies, lime, loaded, loamy, lovely, luscious, lush, lusty, luxurious, marinated, marvelous, matured, medicinal, mellow, mild, mildewed, minty, moist, moldy, mordant, mouth, musky, musty, nasty, nauseating, nutty, odor, olives, opulent, overpowering, palatable, patchouli, penetrating, peppery, perfumed, pickled, piercing, piquant, plain, plastic, pleasant, potent, prickly, pungent, putrid, rancid, redolent, relish, repulsive, revolting, rich, ripe, robust, rosy, rotten, rough, rubbing, saccharine, saline, salty, sapid, satisfying, savory, scathing, scent, scorching, scrumptious, searing, severe, sharp, sickening, sizzling, skunky, smacking, smelly, smoky, soap, soft, sophisticated, sour, spicy, spoiled, stale, sticky, stimulating, stinging, stinking, strong, stuffed, stuffy, stylish, sublime, succulent, sugarcoated, sugared, sugary, sweat, sweaty, sweet, sweetened, syrupy, tanginess, tangy, tantalizing, tart, tasteless, tasty, temperate, tender, toothsome, torrid, tranquil, unappealing, unappetizing, unflavored, unpleasant, unsavory, unseasoned, unsweetened, vehement, vinegary, vitriolic, warm, watering, weak, well, wonderful, yummy, zesty, zing
babble, bang, barking, bawling, bay, beat, bellowing, blaring, blast, bleat, booming, bray, bubbling, bumping, burping, buzz, cackling, cacophonous, cawing, chant, chattering, cheeping, chime, chirping, clanging, clangor, clank, clapping, clash, clattering, click, clucking, cooing, coughing, crack, crackle, crackling, crashing, creak, croaking, crooning, crowing, crunching, crying, deafening, din, drone, drumming, faint, fanfare, fizzing, gagging, gasping, gibberish, grating, groan, growling, grumble, grunting, gurgle, harsh, high-pitched, hissing, hoarse, honking, hoot, howling, hullabaloo, hum, hushed, husky, jingle, keening, loud, melodic, melodious, meow, mewing, moaning, mooing, mumble, mumbling, murmuring, mute, mutter, neigh, noisy, patter, pealing, peeping, piercing, pitch, popping, purring, quack, quiet, racket, raspy, rattling, raucous, resonant, rhythmic, ringing, ripping, roaring, rumble, rumbling, rustling, scratching, scream, screaming, screech, shouting, shriek, shrill, shuffling, sighing, silent, singing, sizzle, smashing, snapping, snarling, sneezing, sniveling, snoring, snorting, sobbing, soft, soothing, splashing, squall, squeak, squealing, swishing, tapping, tearing, thrum, thud, thumping, thunderous, tick, tinkle, tinkling, tinkling, tolling, tone, toot, tootle, tranquil, trill, trumpeting, tune, twang, twittering, voiceless, volume, wail, warble, wheezing, whining, whir, whispering, whistling, whooping, yapping, yelling, yelping, zap, zip
abrasive, biting, boiling, boiling, breezy, bubbly, bumpy, burning, bushy, chapped, chilly, clammy, coarse, cold, cool, corduroy, corrugated, cottony, creamy, creepy, crisp, cuddly, curdled, curly, cushioned, damp, dank, dirty, dirty, downy, dry, dusty, engraved, fiery, filthy, fine, flaky, fluffy, fluted, fluttering, foamy, freezing, frosty, furry, fuzzy, glassy, glossy, gooey, grainy, greasy, grimy, gripped, gritty, grooved, grubby, hairy, hard, hot, icy, inlaid, itching, ivory, keen, kiss, knobbed, lacy, loose, matte, matted, melted, metallic, moist, numbing, patina, piercing, plastic, pocked, polished, pressed, prickly, pulpy, rainy, rasping, raw, rocking, rough, rutted, sandpapery, sandy, scalding, scaled, scarred, scorching, scratchy, sculptured, searing, shaggy, sharp, sheen, sheer, shiny, silky, slick, slimy, slippery, slushy, smooth, soapy, soft, solid, sopping, spiky, splintered, steely, sticky, stinging, stinging, stubbly, tangled, tender, tickling, tight, tweedy, uneven, vaporous, velvety, warm, waxen, waxy, wet, wooden, woolly, yielding
ample, average, behemoth, big, bulky, colossal, diminutive, dwarfed, elfin, enormous, fat, giant, gigantic, great, huge, hulking, immense, large, little, long, mammoth, massive, microscopic, middle-sized, miniature, minute, petite, portly, prodigious, puny, short, small, stupendous, tall, tiny, towering, vast, voluminous, wee
ancient, annual, brief, brisk, centuries, continual, crawling, dawn, daybreak, daylight, decade, dusk, early, eons, evening, fast, flash, intermittent, late, lengthy, long, modern, moments, noon, noonday, old, old-fashioned, outdated, periodic, punctual, quick, rapid, short, slowly, speedy, sporadic, sunrise, sunset, swift, tardy, twilight, whirlwind, yearly, years, young
Pattern and Shape
adjacent, aquiline, arc, baggy, ball, banded, box, breadth, checkered, concave, concentric, cone, contoured, convex, corkscrew, crescent, crested, crowned, crystalline, cube, cupped, curly, curved, cylinder, dappled, depressed, depth, diagonal, disc, drooping, ellipsoidal, elliptical, erect, fanned, fat, flat, frail, girth, globe, height, helix, hemisphere, hexagon, horizontal, lanky, length, long, narrow, octagon, orb, oval, oval, ovate, palmate, parallel, pentagon, pied, pinnate, plate, plump, pointed, polyhedron, protruding, pyramid, rectangle, reticulated, rolling, round, rounded, serpentine, shallow, shapely, sharp, short, sinuous, solid, spherical, spiked, spotted, square, streamlined, sunken, swollen, terrain, tetrahedral, thin, thread, tight, trapezoid, triangle, veined, vertical, wide, width, winding, worm-like
amble, blunder, bolt, bounce, bound, canter, catapult, charge, clatter, clump, coast, crawl, creep, cruise, dance, dart, dash, dawdle, dive, dodge, drag, drift, duel, file, flee, flip, flit, float, flounder, flow, fly, frolic, gallop, glide, hasten, hike, hobble, hop, hurdle, hurry, hurtle, hustle, jog, jump, lead, leap, limp, linger, loaf, lumber, lunge, lurch, lurk, march, meander, mosey, navigate, pace, pad, parade, pivot, plod, plunge, ply, pounce, prance, prowl, race, ramble, range, roam, roll, romp, rove, rush, sail, sashay, saunter, scamper, scoot, scuff, scurry, shake, shimmy, shuffle, skate, skid, skim, skip, slide, slink, slither, slump, sneak, speed, sprawl, spring, sprint, stagger, stalk, stampede, step, stomp, straggle, stretch, stride, stroll, struggle, strut, stumble, swagger, sway, swept, swerve, swing, tip, toddle, toe, topple, track, traipse, tramp, travel, tread, trek, trip, tromp, trot, trudge, tumble, turn, twirl, twist, undulate, vault, waddle, wade, walk, wallow, waltz, wander, wend, wiggle, wobble, zip, zoom
abundant, ample, chock-full, copious, dearth, empty, few, heavy, lavish, liberal, light, loads, lots, many, meager, much, numerous, oodles, paucity, plentiful, plenty, profuse, scads, scant, scarcity, skimpy, sparing, sparse, sufficient, well-stocked
Ability - Condition    
able, adequate, alive, assured, authoritative, bold, brainy, brave, busy, capable, careful, cautious, clever, competent, concerned, confident, courageous, curious, daring, determined, durable, dynamic, eager, easy, effective, energetic, fearless, firm, forceful, gallant, gentle, hardy, healthy, heavy, heroic, important, influential, innocent, inquisitive, intense, jerky, knotted, light, lively, loose, lucky, manly, mighty, modern, open, outstanding, powerful, real, relaxed, rich, robust, secure, sharp, shy, skillful, smooth, spirited, stable, steady, stouthearted, strong, super, sure, tame, tough, victorious, virile, zealous
Anger - Hostility    
aggravated, aggressive, agitated, angry, annoyed, arrogant, belligerent, biting, blunt, bullying, callous, combative, contrary, cool, cranky, creepy, cross, cruel, defiant, disagreeable, enraged, envious, evil, fierce, furious, hard, harsh, hateful, hostile, impatient, inconsiderate, insensitive, intolerant, irritated, mad, mean, nasty, obnoxious, obstinate, outraged, perturbed, repulsive, resentful, rough, rude, savage, severe, spiteful, tense, terse, vicious, vindictive, violent, wicked, wrathful
Depression - Sadness - Gloom    
abandoned, alien, alienated, alone, awful, battered, blue, bored, burned, cheapened, crushed, debased, defeated, degraded, dejected, demolished, depressed, desolate, despairing, despised, despondent, destroyed, discarded, discouraged, dismal, downcast, downhearted, downtrodden, dreadful, estranged, excluded, forlorn, forsaken, gloomy, glum, grim, hated, homeless, hopeless, horrible, humiliated, hurt, jilted, kaput, loathed, lonely, lonesome, lousy, low, miserable, mishandled, mistreated, moody, mournful, obsolete, ostracized, overlooked, pathetic, pitiful, rebuked, regretful, rejected, reprimanded, rotten, ruined, rundown, sad, scornful, sore, stranded, tearful, terrible, tired, unhappy, unloved, whipped, worthless, wrecked
affected, anguished, awkward, baffled, bewildered, clumsy, confused, constrained, disgusted, disliked, displeased, dissatisfied, distrustful, disturbed, doubtful, foolish, futile, grief, helpless, hindered, impaired, impatient, imprisoned, lost, nauseated, offended, pained, perplexed, puzzled, ridiculous, sickened, silly, skeptical, speechless, strained, suspicious, swamped, tormented, touchy, troubled, ungainly, unlucky, unpopular, unsatisfied, unsure, weary
Fear - Anxiety    
afraid, agitated, alarmed, anxious, apprehensive, bashful, dangerous, desperate, dreading, edge, eerie, embarrassed, fearful, frantic, frightened, hesitant, horrified, insecure, intimidated, jealous, jittery, jumpy, nervous, on, overwhelmed, panicky, restless, scared, shaky, shy, strained, tense, terrified, timid, uncomfortable, uneasy, upset, worrying
Inability - Inadequacy    
anemic, ashamed, broken, catatonic, cowardly, crippled, defeated, defective, deficient, demoralized, disabled, exhausted, exposed, fragile, frail, harmless, helpless, impotent, inadequate, incapable, incompetent, ineffective, inept, inferior, insecure, meek, mummified, naughty, powerless, puny, shaken, shaky, shivering, sickly, small, strengthless, trivial, unable, uncertain, unfit, unimportant, unqualified, unsound, useless, vulnerable, weak
Joy - Elation    
amused, blissful, brilliant, calm, cheerful, comical, contented, delighted, ecstatic, elated, elevated, enchanted, enthusiastic, exalted, excellent, excited, exuberant, fantastic, fit, funny, glad, glorious, good, grand, gratified, great, happy, hilarious, humorous, inspired, jolly, jovial, joyful, jubilant, magnificent, majestic, marvelous, overjoyed, pleasant, pleased, proud, relieved, satisfied, smiling, splendid, superb, terrific, thrilled, tremendous, triumphant, vivacious, witty, wonderful
Love - Affection - Concern    
admired, adorable, affectionate, agreeable, altruistic, amiable, benevolent, benign, brotherly, caring, charitable, charming, comforting, congenial, conscientious, considerate, cooperative, cordial, courteous, dedicated, devoted, empathetic, fair, faithful, forgiving, friendly, generous, genuine, giving, good, helpful, honest, honorable, hospitable, humane, interested, just, kind, kindly, lenient, lovable, loving, mellow, mild, moral, neighborly, nice, obliging, open, optimistic, patient, peaceful, pleasant, polite, reasonable, receptive, reliable, respectful, sensitive, sweet, sympathetic, tender, thoughtful, tolerant, trustworthy, truthful, understanding, unselfish, warm, worthy


AL Fetherlin said...

I like it, thank you.
New reference book, sitting next to my Thesaurus, Webster's Dictionary and 5,001 Baby Names:
John H. Carroll's Book of Descriptions.
(No, seriously! Do it.)

John H. Carroll said...

Hi Amy! A writer can never have too many resources, lol. This is my main list and I use it often. Thank you for the comment. :)

Debra L Martin said...

What a fabulous list. Thank you for putting it all together.

John H. Carroll said...

Hi Debra,
You are very welcome. :)

Jacqueline said...

Wow, great list, John. Thank you for taking the time to put this all together.

John H. Carroll said...

Hi Jacqueline. :) You're welcome. Thank you very much for the follow and comment.