Friday, June 3, 2011

Dreamer - A poem


I wrote this poem a few years ago when staring out at the sky as I have a tendancy to do.  Someone asked my why I never talked much and stared into space all the time.
This is why. :)


Dreamer, the poem


Beautiful and wondrous thoughts
Ideas never before imagined
Worlds that never existed
Amazing people living unbelievable lives

A young boy sitting in a classroom stares out the window.
A young girl swinging on a swing stares past the sky
A man having coffee and a cigarette stares at nothing
A woman sitting at her computer stares beyond the screen

The young boy is a brave knight fighting danger
They young girl is a damsel in distress waiting for her hero
The man is prince charming searching for his true love
The woman is a princess in a far away land

Fighting fire breathing dragons
Matching wits with the devil
Flying to new and strange worlds
Falling in love

Times long gone
Times yet to come
Times that never were or ever will be
Places where time doesn’t exist

Beautiful sights that have yet to be seen
Beautiful sights that want desperately to be seen
Music that is loved by all
Music that will be loved by all

Gorgeous paintings
Noble statues
Wonderful poetry
Uplifting songs

This is what the dreamer sees
Oh, they know reality is there
They just don’t care
Reality can be so very dull and boring

Let the dreamer be
Or even ask them to share those dreams
You may be amazed.
Perhaps you are in someone’s dream this very moment

Copyright 2008 John H. Carroll

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